I created BGP so women, like you, could have those elegant photos that leave a lasting legacy, without ever feeling overwhelmed.

You’re up to your knees in the busyness of real life and your Insta-friend is making life look easy. That stinks.

about bethie

You want the photos that capture the way his eyes twinkle when he looks at you.

the way you bubbled over in excitement to think of your life together in the next few years?

Or the way it sparks so much joy when you hold his hand?

the way he makes you smile so effortlessly?

will you remember

You want the photos of the two of you, that look and feel natural and intimate. You want photos that are classy and perfectly capture how you feel in this sweet season of life.  

Photos that are easy & effortless… photos that are perfectly you!

You dream about your future together and where it will lead you and while that is all sooo exciting and you are eager to watch it all unfold, you are content and happy with where you are now.

You love the sweet & simple life you are in now (and don’t want to rush it)... 

But your heart aches at the thought of life becoming busier and these slow easy moments are not only fleeting --- but will be fading from memory.

Oh, you’re in just the right spot, friend!

Do you ever just wish to pause time and stay in the sweet, simple moments a little longer?

You’re ridiculously in love and just want to capture this sweet season of life and have photos that tell your love story for years to come but you've got a very full life happening all around you. 

It’s time to finally have those photos that perfectly capture who you are. The ones that will tell your love story and legacy for generations to come! 

(while sprinkling in a little extra dreaminess)

I’m Bethie Grondin and I work with women who are passionate about capturing the legacy they are leaving behind through joyful photos

That’s where I come in. 

In a nutshell, over the years I have dealt with extreme sickness, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed… I’ve learned how to simplify everything in my life… including my sessions too! 

my history


I have spent over 4 years studying (more like obsessing, if we're being honest) under some of the most successful photographers, like Amy & Jordan, Katelyn James and Nancy Ray.


my Education

Going on 6 years of experience working with the most amazing clients I could have asked for!


my experience

So, here’s why you can trust me:

It’s a big deal!


Your life is full!
(In the most wonderful way)
Allow me to capture every bit of it for you!

Your life is full!
(In the most wonderful way)
Allow me to capture every bit of it for you!

Enjoy your photos!!

You’ll receive your gallery online and be able to print your favorite photos right from there! And you’ll have all your photos hanging around your home in no time!

STEP four

The day of your session!! 

You just get to be you and enjoy your night together… I’ll take over from here!

STEP three

Choose your outfits & Location… One of my favorite parts of the process! 

As soon as you book your session, I’ll send you a style guide to walk you through it all!


Put a date on the calendar…


It is.

Is it really that simple?

Crystal Kasperson

“The last time we had professional photos taken was at our wedding, I was a little worried that my husband wouldn’t be into it, but Bethie was so fun and easy to work with we both had such a great time, that the whole evening felt like a playful date night! And the photos turned out better than I could have imagined and my husband loved them!!”

Emma Preston

“Before booking with Bethie, I was worried about what we were going to wear to our session and if we would feel awkward in the photos. But Bethie made the whole experience amazing! She helped with posing & positive feedback throughout the shoot. It made us feel comfortable and able to enjoy being together, taking photos, and not being stressed. And I LOVE THE PHOTOS! They perfectly capture our love!”

Abby Carter

“Bethie did a phenomenal job of making a frazzled mom, a dad who doesn’t love getting his pictures taken, and two little kiddos look put together and relaxed!!!! She’s amazing! We love our photos and will cherish them for years to come!!”

Emma Bronson

“I had a Pinterest board of exactly how I wanted my senior photos to be (surrounded by desert wildflowers), I showed it to Bethie and she helped me plan my whole session and she even found the wildflowers! I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out… they were everything I was dreaming of! And Bethie was so fun to work with!! 10/10 would recommend!”

Alyssa Golden

“I had concerns about my kids not looking at the camera or being too wild to capture anything and she walked me through the whole process and calmed all of my fears! She offered outfit advice and incentive ideas to keep the kids happy. She was so patient and thoughtful and I felt so good going into the shoot. And the pictures were just the icing on the whole experience! We LOVED how they turned out and she captured each one of our kid’s personalities so well!!” 

Kristin Thiel

“As a mom of two little ones, planning a session can feel a bit overwhelming, but you made it such a happy, stress-free experience. The kids cooperated so well because of your joy and relationship with them which made me relax during the session. You made it feel effortless and I appreciate it so very much! I absolutely adore the photos!! They are such treasures for our family that we will cherish for many years to come. We cannot wait until our next session with you!”

Cami Facer

“Bethie was so amazing to work with!! Planning a session for a busy family with two littles can be a lot and the sessions can easily feel hectic, but Bethie was so helpful! I followed her style guide, had my hair and makeup done, and she was always just a quick text away for any help planning and choosing outfits and the location! And the session was such a breeze!! I’m IN LOVE with the photos!!”

Love Notes

My heart is in a puddle on the floor...

Because the world doesn’t need any more craziness


Psalm 1:1-3

Rooted in Truth

Sometimes fiery, always loving


I can’t help it, I’m a Monica Geller

Type A

“People need a voice of encouragement frequently because they are under the fire always” - Brian Hardin


My heart feels for others, especially those who are deeply hurting and yet appear fine


You need a good balance

Class Mixed with Quick Wit

I can’t tell my story without mentioning all He has done

Jesus Honoring 

my core Values 

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