While I speak out hope and encouragement in the blogs, I also give you resources and practical ways to have a peaceful, simplified, and healthy life. One that allows you to rest in God’s nearness.

I’m all about empowering you to create a lasting legacy that is life giving to others

Over here, I’m about more than just pretty images 

The thief comes only to steal, slaughter, and destroy. I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly!



It’s why I share everything that has helped me through sickness, anxiety, and depression… So that others can find and have life abundantly too.

Encouragement like that changed my perspective. Knowing my hardship wasn’t without purpose pushed me through every hard day. God is still good in the midst of the hardest moments. And if it means, it would comfort one person and impact them to know God and see His goodness, it will have been worth it.

It’s why I have such compassion for others who appear fine, but in reality are deeply hurting inside. 

“We find great purpose in our suffering, once we realize that our hardship will serve as unique comfort and guidance for others going through similar situations.”

The whole time, I took one note that Angie Smith had quickly said in passing and it stuck with me for years. 

For months on end, I would spend hours upon hours in doctors offices being pricked and poked. On this one particular week, I had spent 5 hours in the doctor's office getting treatments.. I was worn out and tired. Life was exhausting. I came home from running errands and the little plastic bag holding my groceries ripped and a GIANT can dropped on my big toe.

Had a good ugly cry, wrapped a bandage on my toe, and then dragged myself to Bible study because I was desperate for good friendships.

I sat there looking fine no one had any idea just how hard my week had been, but inside I was deeply hurting, and my toe was throbbing.  

(it’s a miracle I’m still alive kinda sick).

Years ago, I became very very sick

A little peek into my story: 

From my nightstand to yours

Book Recommendations

A friend recommended this book to me and it has become one of my absolute favorites and has such a special place in my heart. It’s gentle and real and shows the journey of following Jesus. It’s full of hardships and healing… worth a read and will change your perspective and bring hope.

Why I like it: 

Hinds Feet on High Places

I actually read this book right as I was transitioning out of a hidden or Anonymous season and it felt like a little hug from God. Those hidden years are some of my most treasured years. They were years with just me, God, and a few very special hearts. The book shares about how much of Jesus' life was anonymous and how it laid such a strong foundation in him for his years of ministry. To know that God doesn’t waste time and that every season has purpose, is so encouraging. 

Why I like it: 


This book gives such good insight into life and how it has natural changes. I loved the perspective I got from this book, when you recognize which season of life you are in you can begin to see how to live in it fully.  

Why I like it: 

Seasons of God

Aww if only I could spend all day reading these stories… Francine Rivers does such an amazing job really putting you in the lives of these women. You can begin to see what they were thinking, feeling, their prayers, and the realities of their hard lives. Oftentimes, we read through the Bible and skim over these women just as Bible characters, not as real lives, with real heartaches and real hardships. Just like you and me…  

Why I like it: 

Lineage of Grace

You never picture Jesus sneezing… but he did. He was real and fully human. Sometimes our relationship with Him can feel so distant. But when you realize how fully human he was and how he fully understands what you are going through (because he went through it too) it will change your relationship with him.  

Why I like it: 

Sneezing Jesus

Most everything in this book seems like it would be common sense, but sometimes you just need it told directly to you. Learning how to love, serve, and treat people well is a game changer and will make all the difference in your relationships.

Why I like it: 

How to Win Friends and Influence People

We joke and say I’m a productive person… I go crazy at the thought of precious minutes slipping by me. Laura Vanderkaham shares practical ways that you can get the most out of your weeks, strive for a balanced life, and implement things into your life that bring you joy and rest. I will probably need to re-read this book many times over, before I can fully start to get the hang of stewarding my time in the best ways possible! 

Why I like it: 

168 Hours

I wish I found this book a few years back when I was just beginning my health journey. This is a super easy quick read… packed full of practical ways to simplify your life and get rid of anxiety and depression. The book is organized into 4 parts: rest, restore, connect, and create. Even just by implementing a few of these simple rhythms, you will feel life coming back to you!

Why I like it: 

Rhythms of Renewal

This is on my reading list for this year. Learning how to create a home that is cozy, welcoming, and restful and a space that people feel welcome in, is something I want to strive for!

Why I like it: 

The Life Giving Home

(If not jamming to the mamma mia soundtrack)

Catch me with my airpods in… I’m probably listening to one of these podcasts. 

Podcasts I’m Loving

I listen every single morning. It’s the perfect start to my day. In the past, reading through the entire Bible was so intimidating. This is so manageable and transformative.

Why I like it: 

Daily Audio Bible

Why I like it: 

I love her insight. Nancy has such a sweet and gentle personality, and always addresses the conversations that need a little light shined on them. Worth listening to if you want to feel encouraged and inspired. 

Work & Play with Nancy Ray


Health & Fitness

Ahhh! Her cookbooks saved us when we were just entering this world of eating healthy. Let’s be honest, you get sick of only eating salads. She has comfort food recipes that are good for you and I haven’t made a recipe of hers that we didn’t like! She is paleo, but we found you can easily swap out a few ingredients to make things keto or suit whatever your needs are. 

Why I like it: 

Danielle Walker Cookbooks

Maybe one of the odder things to add to the list, but definitely worth sharing! He is our go-to for actually understanding your body and health. He has tons of Youtube videos that are like 2-3 minutes each simply explaining everything about healing and taking care of your body… one of the stranger things that really motivates me, but I love it!

Why I like it: 

Dr. Berg

I searched everywhere for a workout program that was customizable for my needs and very girly (not into super intense black and red gyms, ya know… I’m more into the light and airy feel) This program is easy to use and run by women (so it’s not intimidating). I check it off first thing in the morning and call it good. 

Why I like it: 

Fit Body App

Her podcasts, TED talks, and videos are all amazing! I just ordered her book ‘Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess’ and can’t wait to read it. If you’re interested in learning about the power of your mind and brain and how it affects your life, you should check out Dr. Caroline Leaf. It is a little thinky though...

Why I like it: 

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Peek inside my Kitchen

See the nitty-gritty of how I actually live out eating healthy in my everyday life... a peek into my pantry!