For joyful couples in love that want to leave a lasting legacy.

Photos that perfectly tell the story of your wedding day over and over again.

Intentional. Genuine. Intimate. Romantic.

Your wedding is an experience from beginning to end… And photography is a big part of it! 

That’s why I believe it should be easy, fun and feel like you are working with a trusted friend. That’s how we get images that are genuine and joyful!
My hope is that over the years you are able to look back at your wedding photos, and relive all the joyful moments of the day: the big celebratory ones and the sweet gentle moments.  

I’m here to help make that dream a reality!

The dress. The Venue. The Colors. The Man. And it’s all so exciting!! 

You have been dreaming about this day for as long as you can remember. 

As exciting as it all is, it can feel somewhat overwhelming...

• One minute you're happily dating your best friend, the next you're thrown into this world of wedding planning trying to figure it all out.

• Your every spare minute is spent dreaming about this day and how it will all play out. You're sneaking in emails to your wedding planner at work and every little detail sparks joy.

• Late night target runs to get the last few things you need for your new home & life together, before you move in… 

But it turns out it’s not that simple
(it actually can be a little stressful):

I like to call it the “Just [insert groom here] Plan” 

Your whole life you’ve been pinning to your ‘Dream Wedding’ board on Pinterest… 

Let’s at least keep the photography part simple!

But it turns out planning the wedding of your dreams is not as easy as it seems…

Giving brides a high-end photography experience that is enjoyable and stress-free, so that they can have beautiful photos that they love and that leave a lasting legacy without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Wedding Experience

introducing the

Soon after sending over the full gallery (if you ordered an album) I will send you the album design and you can begin the customization process. It won’t be long before you have an heirloom piece sitting on your coffee table.

step seven

Designing the Album

About 2-3 weeks following your wedding, I will send over your full gallery! I recommend you and your new husband sit down with a glass of champagne and look through all of them together! This is such a special moment… it’ll bring back all the emotions of your wedding day.

step six

Your Wedding Photos

Ahhh!! So exciting! The day is a blur for you filled with so much excitement… I will make sure to capture everything in a high-end and creative way, so you can look back at these photos and relive all those special moments!

step five

Your Wedding Day!! 

This is how I capture images that feel like they are straight out of your ‘Dream Wedding’ mood board! And make sure to get every image you have been dreaming about. I will help you plan out the timeline, family formals, bridal details, so we won’t miss a thing! I like to do all the prep work on the front end so that you can just enjoy your big day and let me take over!

step four

Plan out all the details

My gift to you! It’s like a date night out just lovin’ on each other a lot… this is when things begin to feel real … you’ll be featured on the blog & receive a full digital gallery!

step three

Engagement Session

Let’s make it officially official! Once the deposit is paid and you're officially a BG Bride I save the date on my calendar and we get to begin to make your dream a reality!!

step two

Save the Date

Let’s become friends & make sure we are a good fit! This is the most exciting season of your life, you should love every minute of it! I want you to feel like you have a trusted friend with you on your wedding day… not some stranger! That’s why before you officially book, I want to make sure we are a match made in heaven! 

step one

Become a BG Bride 

Portrait Sessions


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*Currently booking Traditional Wedding Collections for the Fall of 2022

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Engagement Sessions

What’s your investment?

Going on 6 years of experience working with the most amazing clients I could have asked for!


1. my experience

I have spent over 4 years studying (more like obsessing, if we're being honest) under some of the most successful photographers, like Amy & Jordan, Katelyn James, and Nancy Ray


1. my education


Over the years, I have dealt with sickness, anxiety and feeling easily overwhelmed. So I learned how to simplify everything in my life, including my wedding collections. The experience should be exciting, and fun… never stressful.

3. my history

Choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal. Here’s why you can trust me:

Hey there! I’m Bethie!

Whether you are a bride looking for wedding planning insight or just here for some pretty pictures… You’re in the right place!

Looking for Wedding Inspo?

Here’s what others have asked before working with me!

No worries! I walk you through everything, how to pose, where to stand, what to do with your arms. 

I’ll let you in on a secret… nobody is comfortable in front of a camera. Even I still get a little awkward (it would be weird if you didn’t feel strange at first). I always give my clients the first 15-20 minutes to get used to being in front of the camera… After that the rest of the engagement session is easy & fun… it feels more like a fun date than anything.

No, the engagement session is complimentary. It’s my gift to you. And it is such a valuable one... The engagement session allows us to meet in person before your wedding day, in a much more relaxed environment. After the engagement session I promise, you will be sooo much more excited for the wedding day, feel like we are good friends, and feel comfortable in front of my camera. 

As far as possible since I do book up fast. Ideally, I prefer to book you 4-5 months before your wedding date.

As of right now, I’m only serving the following areas: Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Gold Canyon, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, and Scottsdale. 

Nope! No big changes here… you are more photogenic than you think and I want to show who you are (and how you look) in this season of life! I will smooth any blemishes or hide any stray hairs, ya know. Itty bitty changes only.

I do not deliver any raw files. 

No, I would be doing you a huge disservice! I shoot thousands of images on a wedding day! Culling through all the photos is a major part of the process. I sort through all the photos where you’re not ready, blinking, or mid-sneeze… so that you can enjoy all of the good ones!

I would love to chat more with you! Feel free to email me at

Let’s make sure the day is just perfect!

You are only a few more months away from marrying your very best friend!

just think...

*Currently booking Traditional Wedding Collections for the Fall of 2022

Let’s make sure your date is reserved! 

I’m happy to take over for you! And make sure the process leading up to the wedding day is simple and that you walk away with timeless images that tell your love story. 

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, make sure to inquire and save your wedding date as soon as possible, since I am only able to shoot one wedding on any given day. 

I want to walk you through an experience that is enjoyable, feels exciting and sparkly (if you can feel sparkly), and one where you can trust that even though your wedding day will catch you by surprise, you can know that I’ll capture everything for you!

Even the small moments, like the way your parents hold hands and tear up during the ceremony. Or the way your bridesmaids react to seeing you in your wedding dress for the first time.

This season only comes once and is meant to be enjoyed!

take a deep breath...

You're making a million decisions while planning your wedding! Your inbox is full. You’ve called the florstist 3 times. Have you secured the venue? The catering? When is my dress alterations again? Still need to order the invitation suites… It’s a lot! 

I get it! Booking a wedding photographer is a big investment!