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How are you supposed to also plan a whole session to get those beautiful photos?

And it seems like everyone manages to do it all effortlessly. 

You're supposed to work hard, be social, go to the gym everyday, cook home-cooked meals, have the perfect clean home, fresh baked bread in the oven, make sure your inbox stays at zero… all while wearing a cape and heels.

Your life is full…

But as nice as that sounds it’s not that simple to get those perfect Pinterest photos… right??

easy moments

The way the two of you are perfectly you… the way you feel so comfortable and content together. It’s the easy moments. 


The way he makes you smile so effortlessly


Like the way you snuggle up together while watching The Office at night

They are small moments that you know if they aren’t caught on camera they will only be forgotten over time...

Although nothing major (like your engagement, wedding, or pregnancy announcement… yet) has happened... There are sweet, quiet moments in this season of life, that you don’t want to forget about. 

Doesn’t your heart ache at the thought of this treasured season passing by without photos?

• You look back at the older photos of the two of you together and you can see how young and sweet your relationship was. Now, your relationship has grown so much stronger… you have been through a few ups and downs in life and you want photos that show where you are now. 

• You want your future kids and some day grandkids to look at these photos of the two of you and see the strong marriage you have. 

• You want to update all the photos around your home to show who you are now in this special season!

I get it after your wedding a few years back you had a toonnn of photos of the two of you! And though you loved them so much you realize it has been a few years since you have updated them...

For newly married couples, who want to continue to visually tell their love story for generations to come.

So, it’s time to tell the next chapter in your love story...


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Couples & Anniversary Sessions

an experience that helps couples, seniors, and moms easily capture photos that tell their legacy without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Portrait Collection

introducing the

The BGP Portrait Collection gives you a stress-free photo experience. One that allows you to have photos you absolutely love, without the chaos and overwhelming feeling that comes with planning a session! 

Portrait Sessions


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Just a few of my faves

The Portfolio

so you can easily print your favorites right from there and have them hanging all over your home in no time!

Print Shop Right in the OnLine Gallery

so I know exactly the photos you want and all the different groupings. This way you can just enjoy being with your family at the session and I will take care to make sure no photos are missed!

Personalized Shot List

you can easily print, share, post, and save one as your new screensaver (my favorite part!!)!  

High-Resolution Digital Files

For families this allows us to take our time and ‘roll with the punches’ if you will, this gives us plenty of time to work through any hiccups that often occur when working with littles. This is how I make sure we get photos that feel totally natural and easy! I never want to add any stress to the kids… we’ll think on our feet and make quick adjustments to make sure that even the kids have a lot of fun!

For couples & seniors this gives us a good 15 minutes to get comfortable in front of the camera and to get to know each other then after that, you're a natural and we get to just have fun and enjoy an easy session!

90 Minutes of Shooting Time

Here’s what you get with the BGP Portrait Collection:

Enjoy your photos!!

You’ll receive your gallery online and be able to print your favorite photos right from there! And you’ll have all your photos hanging around your home in no time!

STEP four

The day of your session!! 

You just get to be you and enjoy your night together… I’ll take over from here!

STEP three

Choose your outfits & Location… One of my favorite parts of the process! 

As soon as you book your session, I’ll send you a style guide to walk you through it all!


Put a date on the calendar…


It is.

Is it really that simple?

I won’t make you choose your top favorite photos and pay extra for every image after that. You get to have them all, I promise.

Full access to every image in the gallery!

to help guide you through choosing outfits. So, that you can know what looks wonderful together and on camera! This way you can go into the session confident that you and your family look amazing together!

My Portrait Session Style Guide

And did someone say  BONUSES?


Crystal Kasperson

“The last time we had professional photos taken was at our wedding, I was a little worried that my husband wouldn’t be into it, but Bethie was so fun and easy to work with we both had such a great time, that the whole evening felt like a playful date night! And the photos turned out better than I could have imagined and my husband loved them!!”

Emma Preston

“Before booking with Bethie, I was worried about what we were going to wear to our session and if we would feel awkward in the photos. But Bethie made the whole experience amazing! She helped with posing & positive feedback throughout the shoot. It made us feel comfortable and able to enjoy being together, taking photos, and not being stressed. And I LOVE THE PHOTOS! They perfectly capture our love!”

Abby Carter

“Bethie did a phenomenal job of making a frazzled mom, a dad who doesn’t love getting his pictures taken, and two little kiddos look put together and relaxed!!!! She’s amazing! We love our photos and will cherish them for years to come!!”

Emma Bronson

“I had a Pinterest board of exactly how I wanted my senior photos to be (surrounded by desert wildflowers), I showed it to Bethie and she helped me plan my whole session and she even found the wildflowers! I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out… they were everything I was dreaming of! And Bethie was so fun to work with!! 10/10 would recommend!”

Alyssa Golden

“I had concerns about my kids not looking at the camera or being too wild to capture anything and she walked me through the whole process and calmed all of my fears! She offered outfit advice and incentive ideas to keep the kids happy. She was so patient and thoughtful and I felt so good going into the shoot. And the pictures were just the icing on the whole experience! We LOVED how they turned out and she captured each one of our kid’s personalities so well!!” 

Kristin Thiel

“As a mom of two little ones, planning a session can feel a bit overwhelming, but you made it such a happy, stress-free experience. The kids cooperated so well because of your joy and relationship with them which made me relax during the session. You made it feel effortless and I appreciate it so very much! I absolutely adore the photos!! They are such treasures for our family that we will cherish for many years to come. We cannot wait until our next session with you!”

Cami Facer

“Bethie was so amazing to work with!! Planning a session for a busy family with two littles can be a lot and the sessions can easily feel hectic, but Bethie was so helpful! I followed her style guide, had my hair and makeup done, and she was always just a quick text away for any help planning and choosing outfits and the location! And the session was such a breeze!! I’m IN LOVE with the photos!!”

Love Notes

My heart is in a puddle on the floor...

Keep in mind: I only take 6-8 bookings each month

So now, I offer a portrait experience that is completely stress-free and allows my clients to enjoy their session and photos and feel like they are working with a trusted friend.

I saw women wanting to have those timeless, photos that perfectly captured their loved ones in this season, but felt overwhelmed at the process from booking all the way to printing and *actually* enjoying their photos.

So, I learned how to simplify everything in my life, including my sessions. 

Over the years, I have dealt with anxiety and feeling easily overwhelmed. 

I have been photographing sweet couples, seniors, and families, like yours, for the past 5 years!

And just who am I?

Here’s what others have asked before working with me!

No worries! I walk you through everything, how to pose, where to stand, what to do with your arms. 

I’ll let you in on a secret… nobody is comfortable in front of a camera. Even I still get a little awkward (it would be weird if you didn’t feel strange at first). I always give my clients the first 15-20 minutes to get used to being in front of the camera… After that the rest of the session is easy & fun… it feels more like a fun date than anything.

As far as possible since I do book up fast. Although, I would give yourself at 2-4 weeks before the session to prep and plan for everything. 

As of right now, I’m only serving the following areas: Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Gold Canyon, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Carefree, and Scottsdale. 

Nope! No big changes here… you are more photogenic than you think and I want to show who you are (and how you look) in this season of life! I will smooth any blemishes or hide any stray hairs, ya know. Itty bitty changes only.

I do not deliver any raw files. 

No, I would be doing you a huge disservice! Culling through all the photos is a major part of the process. I sort through all the photos where you’re not ready, blinking, or mid-sneeze… so that you can enjoy all of the good ones!

I would love to chat more with you! Feel free to email me at

Have more questions? I’m all ears.