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Welcome to my Kitchen!

A peek into my kitchen for the one who is just beginning their health journey

I get it. Trying to eat healthy is already hard. Just starting is hard. But it is so much stinkier once you realize it isn’t easy finding clean, healthy foods…. that actually taste good.

I remember being at my sickest and just barely figuring out what I could eat and what I should eat. 

• The gluten free crackers that shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves crackers

• The chocolate chip cookies that are odd shaped and extra crumbly 

• Cooking a meal for hours hoping that it would taste like the good (and yet bad for you) food that you used to eat, only to be so disappointed with how it turns out…*practically inedible*

Over the years, we’ve tried it all: 

I was so sick of eating salads! 

I craved yummy home cooked meals 

(and honestly a little bit of junk food). 

But figuring out what to eat was soooo overwhelming. 

I remember sitting in a friend's kitchen, who ate really clean. We looked through her fridge and pantry (in a not-so-creepy-way, I promise). We took pictures of everything. Every jar, bag, box, cookbook. 

We placed the biggest amazon order. And we started falling in love with the food we were making! 

Life became easier. Eating healthy was less overwhelming. Everything actually tasted GOOD! Like REALLY GOOD!

We had snacks we could eat on-the-go. And the best part was that our food was good for us! It really felt too good to be true!

So, let’s just pretend you’re sitting at my kitchen counter

I’ll make you a coffee and then let you look around.

I hope peeking into my kitchen is just as helpful for you as it was for me a few years ago. 

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I’m no nutritionist or health coach, but I am passionate about sharing what has taken me from sickness to life abundantly. I’m excited to share more to help you live a peaceful, simplified, and healthy life. One that can rest in God’s nearness.