Get ready to say goodbye to tired eyes, a jam-packed schedule, and no time to read with your kiddos: 

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    Looking to hit the pause button on life — enjoy a home cooked meal with your family, play with your kids, connect with your husband, nap, & dwell in the Lord’s presence? You are a good mom — you truly want the best for your family. Combine your deep love for them with a well rested mama, and your whole family dynamic will change.

    Coming from someone who is far too familiar with burnout, serious sickness, depression, and anxiety — let me be a living testament to the power of the Sabbath. Consider this your path to a peaceful, whole life with your family … and it’s all yours right here. 

    Start implementing the life-giving rhythms of the Sabbath, even if you're a busy mama of a young family.

    Plus, we will walk through your family’s first 4 Sabbaths together to get the ball rolling! As with anything, the hardest part is just starting — so let’s do it together! 

    Your Frist 4 sabbaths

    6 part blog series where I’ll be slowly dripping out my best practices for making the rhythm of the Sabbath beyond life-giving, so that you can skip out on feeling completely overwhelmed with no clue how to jump start this.

    The Sabbath Blog Series

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     – a sweet group of moms local to the East Valley, here to support each other as we strive to leave behind a legacy that is life-giving to others. 

    The BG Community

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    It's simpler than you think.

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    The BG Sabbath Challenge—

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      1. Sunday, June 9th 
      2. Sunday, June 16th
      3. Sunday, June 23rd 
      4. Sunday, June 30th 

      It's okay if you already have events scheduled for those days or are on Summer vacation  -- it's going to take a few weeks to slowly implement it 

      Your First 4 Sabbaths

      Blog: The Sabbath Study Week // Everything you need to know to get started & resources for where you can learn more 

      Thursday, May 30th

      Thursday, june 6th

      Thursday, june 13th

      Thursday, june 20th

      Thursday, june 27th

      Blog: Striving to Stop // The beginners guide to taking a Sabbath, what our Saturdays or ‘Sabbath Prep Days’ look like 

      Blog: Permission to Play // Ideas for how to spend your Sabbath 

      Blog: Trusting God with the Sabbath // The twin gods: accumulation & accomplishment

      Blog: Resting & Praising the Lord // A day to dwell with God 

      Other Important Days: 

      • Blogs will go out on Thursdays at 10:30 am – to give you plenty of time to prepare for Sunday’s Sabbath 

      • I’ll email you on Fridays letting you know the next blog in the series is live & give you your action steps for that week – think small, teeny-tiny, doable baby steps 

      • Sunday – The Sabbath: Rest! 

      • Monday, your accountability buddy check in email – I want to hear how it went and will send you an email asking about it! While responses aren't mandatory, I would highly encourage you to even send in a sentence saying if you did it or if you missed … no guilt here. But what’s the point of an accountability buddy if we don’t have honesty? 

      • The group is always open and available for questions, encouragement, and to share insight & takeaways – I’ll be checking in daily (well, expect for Sundays) 

      What We Are Covering


      As a family photographer for the past 7 years, it’s safe to say I’m well aware of just how beautiful & exhausting motherhood can be! I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the sweetest moms in the East Valley – and I’ve found while each mom is uniquely different, the challenges are all the same … and one of the biggest being just how fast time flies!

      In 2021, I started learning about the Sabbath & took the plunge into observing it weekly. That changed everything in my life – more rest, more connecting with my family, deeper relationships, more time with the Lord, more joy! It was safe to say, I was never going back!

      I then spent the next 3 years perfecting my weekly Sabbaths – learning and growing with each passing Sabbath.

      Along the way, I’ve found such peace, joy, and more time — so while we can’t actually pause time … it seems the Lord has given us everything we need to enjoy the time we do have to the fullest!

      And now? It’s your turn—starting with this incredibly life-giving, BG Sabbath Challenge I created for you! 

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        It’s time to hop off the never-ending treadmill of hurry... and rest.

        And finally read that Berenstain Bears book to your children! 

        Join us inside the BG Sabbath Challenge as we practice taking a Sabbath together over the next 4 weeks!