Challenge Accepted! 

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I am so glad you are officially part of the BG Sabbath Challenge! I’m excited to be walking you through this weekly rhythm for rest that we have found to be so incredibly life-giving over the next few weeks! 

This is the Main Hub for The BG Sabbath Challenge

Be sure to add the below dates to your calendar and mark it as busy – ‘Sabbath & Family Dinner’ – lock it in now, believe me I know if you skip this step, it won’t happen

Add the Below Dates to Your Calendar


Tap into this, friend – head on over and introduce yourself in a quick post. As questions come up, we want to help you out. Share your wins – we want to cheer you on. We are here for it all – what’s challenging you? What’s exciting? What’s motivating? Where are you stuck? And if this is not your first experience with the Sabbath – be sure to encourage others along the way!


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Be Sure to follow these Next Steps to Make Sure You Don’t Miss a Thing

Next Steps...

1. Sunday, June 9th 
2. Sunday, June 16th
3. Sunday, June 23rd 
4. Sunday, June 30th 

… if you are really committed, create your ‘Sabbath & Family Dinner’ Event in your calendar and mark it to repeat weekly...forever 

Your First 4 Sabbath Dates: 

Hop Over to the BG Community 

Here’s What’s Going on & When 

New Blogs in the Sabbath Series Release:

Blog: The Sabbath Study Week // Everything you need to know to get started & resources for where you can learn more

Thursday, May 30th

Thursday, june 6th

Thursday, june 13th

Thursday, june 20th

Thursday, june 27th

Blog: Striving to Stop // The beginners guide to taking a Sabbath, what our Saturdays or ‘Sabbath Prep Days’ look like 

Blog: Permission to Play // Ideas for how to spend your Sabbath 

Blog: Trusting God with the Sabbath // The twin gods: accumulation & accomplishment

Blog: Resting & Praising the Lord // A day to dwell with God 

Other Important Days: 

  • Blogs will go out on Thursdays at 10:30 am – to give you plenty of time to prepare for Sunday’s Sabbath 

  • I’ll email you on Fridays letting you know the next blog in the series is live & give your action steps for that week – think small, teeny-tiny, doable baby steps 

  • Sunday – The Sabbath: Rest!

  • Monday, your accountability buddy check in email – I want to hear how it went and will send you an email asking about it! While responses aren’t mandatory, I would highly encourage you to even send in a sentence saying if you did it or if you missed … no guilt here. But what’s the point of an accountability buddy if we don’t have honesty? 

  • The group is always open and available for questions, encouragement, and to share insights & takeaways – I’ll be checking in daily (well, expect for Sundays) 

If you are anything like me, I like to know what I’m getting myself into and have a good lay of the land & a good understanding and game plan before starting. I’m Type A: It’s also why I like listening to books on Audible to get the big overview before diving into the ‘official’ read with a hardcover book and sharpened pencil.  (If it's really good, I'll go back through for a 3rd pass with the workbook -- but that's boarder line obsessive)

Start Studying up on the Sabbath 

I’m excited to cheer you on as you start taking your first 4 sabbaths!! Here’s to slowing down, more time with Jesus & the family, playing, and deep rest for your soul! 


Note From Your Accountability Buddy: