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A Downtown Gilbert Senior Session with Caden

Caden's Downtown Gilbert Session

It feels good to be back! After being sheltered in place since March, Arizona is slowly coming back to life. With restaurants just reopening and the heat letting up for just a few days, it was a perfect night in Downtown Gilbert for senior photos. And we were not the only ones ready to begin shooting once again. With virtual graduation ceremonies approaching, online parties and small family celebrations scheduled, bunches of other photographers were walking around this May evening with caps and gowns taking advantage of the beautiful Arizona golden hour and sunset. 

After completing his high school years, Caden is excited, hopeful, and eager for this next step in life. I find it so encouraging to be around people like him. He has so much ambition and drive to reach his dreams in what God is calling him to do.

Caden has spent the past few years working in leadership roles in his church. He has found his passion in helping to build up and grow new churches. He is the lead singer and plays guitar for worship services. In addition, he helps to mentor other students and walk along beside them in their faith. In the fall, he will be going to The Master’s University in California to continue in his Biblical studies. There he will be studying to become a pastor. I think it is amazing when people find what they love to do in high school; and they work hard to continue growing in that passion throughout college. 

As if that is not already impressive, Caden is also a photographer, which made this session such a breeze. Walking through the different locations, looking for the best light and different textured walls, made me aware of how much I missed working with my clients. I love getting to know them, and photographing them in a way that stamps who they are in this season of their life. Because one thing I have learned, is that time can change who we are so drastically. It is an honor to pause and capture these exciting moments in my client’s life.  

Caden's Downtown Gilbert Session
Caden's Downtown Gilbert Session
Caden's Downtown Gilbert Session
Caden's Downtown Gilbert Session
Caden's Downtown Gilbert Session
Downtown Gilbert Senior Session
Downtown Gilbert Senior Session
Downtown Gilbert Senior Session
Downtown Gilbert Senior Session


This is such an exciting time in your life! It is amazing to be able to have a quick glimpse into how passionate you are to serve others. I am sure the same eagerness, joy, and excitement you have now will carry through with everything you do. And it was an honor to be able to capture this season in your life! I wish you the best as you continue on this exciting journey through college! Congratulations, Caden!

  1. Judith says:

    What a wonderful session…
    Such a good looking young man..
    So nice to read about his plans for the future…we wish him well. We need more young people like him in this world! I’m glad you, Bethie, had the chance to photograph his senior pictures. I’m sure he and his family were very pleased. You do beautiful work….God bless…

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