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How to Match Your Photos to Your Home Décor

Little note about me: I love decorating (more like obsessed with it). Probably, wouldn’t call myself a designer, but I have a lot of fun with it. I have actually turned down little weekend ski and lake trips, to spend a girls weekend decorating with my mom. And I don’t regret it. 

And with being a photographer I have learned how to curate photos and display them in a way that looks really beautiful, classy, and clean. This definitely goes hand in hand when it comes to displaying your photos around your home. 

Girl holding camera and flowers sitting in a window with tables and chairs

I know that my clients love to print and display their photos all over, but I have been asked a few times how my clients should best prep for their photos to make sure that the photos match their home décor. 

First, I love how Type A you are for thinking 3 steps ahead like that… that makes me very happy. Second, there are actually a few things you can do to make sure that your photos perfectly capture your style and blend seamlessly with your home décor. 

Notice, I said blend not match. You don’t want to perfectly match your photos with your home décor, rather try to keep your style consistent across the board. 

Here are my few tips that will hopefully, make the biggest difference in how you display your photos in your home. 

Choose a Photographer that Matches Your Style

One thing that actually makes the biggest difference in how well your photos will match your home décor; is the photographer you choose to work with. 

Each photographer has their own style, way of shooting, and colors that their photos consistently show. I am a light and airy photographer. This means that the way I shoot is very natural and bright; the colors are always very true to life. Naturally, my photos are softer, dreamy, and a little more fine art. 

family photo with kids climbing all over parents, and a lavender field

If your home is decorated more farmhouse, green, rustic, vintage, clean, fresh, lots of white and neutrals, you would mostly likely prefer to work with a light & airy photographer, like me. 

However, if your style is more dramatic, bold colors, darker woods, warmer tones, etc., you will most likely prefer to work with a dark and moody photographer. 

It seems simple but the colors and style of the photos should match the style of your décor. 

I think people underestimate how much of a difference this makes, not only for decorating your home with these photos, but for the whole photography experience. If you do not like the style of your photographer, it will be a headache throughout the whole experience and you will end up walking away disappointed…. This is why I think it is sooo important to be a perfect match with my clients before we even book. 

Choose Outfits that Match Your Home Decor

This is not to say that your outfits need to be the colors you choose to decorate your home with…. I want to make that clear. But there are ways to style and choose your outfits so that it will look cohesive and blend seamless when you hang them around your home. 

little yellow flowers and a couple snuggling and kissing on a long in the forest... How to match your photos to your home decor

For all of my BG Clients I send them the BGP Style Guide. This walks them through how to dress and style their session to perfectly capture the photos they have been dreaming of. And this makes sure the photos feel true to them, their personality, and style. 

When choosing your outfits to look nice with your home décor, I suggest that you follow a few guidelines to have either bright and bold photos or soft and romantic. 

Here are a few blogs you can read to help you determine what your style is and how to execute it seamlessly: 

  1. Recipes for Styling Your Engagement Session 
  2. Styling Your Session: Outfit Myths

The other thing I would suggest is to steer clear of everyone wearing sweaters in the photos. Especially if you are taking Christmas photos and plan to have them up all year round. If you are wanting to have a cozy sweater picture, I recommend bringing it to the session and taking a few with it on and a bunch with the sweaters off. This will help to make the photos a little more timeless and less seasonal. 

Make Sure Your Photographer Takes Detail Photos at the Session

Cotton branches in bloom

Whether that be your little baby’s shoe, or his tiny little toes. Maybe it’s a picture of you and your husband holding hands, your flowy dress moving in the wind. Or it could be detail photos of the environment, like flowers or a beautiful building or windows… 

These photos make an album or gallery wall look complete and full without being busy. Plus it tells a sweeter story behind the photos. This is such a little detail that makes your photos look even more high-end. 

Hopefully, these few tips help you prep for your session.

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