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The BGP Motherhood Event 2024

Oh my goodness friends!! I don’t think I have ever been more excited to hit publish on a blog! Maybe it’s all the pink lemonade, but I’m still coming off of the excitement of the BGP Motherhood Event 2024  –  If you’re new here let me catch you up: 

Last July, I hosted the BGP Back to School Portrait Event (Which, by the way, will be coming back this year – join the waitlist HERE to know when it opens!) And it TOOK OFF!! I was blown away by just how much you all enjoyed it!

Fast forward a few months, after talking with so many sweet mamas, this was the biggest feedback I received… You all wanted an *easy* way to have a photo of you *with* your kiddos. Everyone said the same thing: “I’m always the one taking the photo, I’m never *in* the photo.” 

Okay, got it! You want a good picture; one that you feel beautiful in … no funny lighting, or sunglasses, & not a selfie. 

And just like that, the BGP Motherhood Event 2024 was born! And I can’t think of a better time than Mother’s Day to host it! 

Not only could moms come and have a beautiful photo with their littles taken, but also they could have it matted & on display on their table in time for Mother’s Day or they could of course pass it along to their husband and kids to wrap up for them. 

And just like the BGP Back to School Portrait Day, the BGP Motherhood Event was just as big of a hit! Since opening it for booking, I received TONS of messages from so many sweet mamas saying how excited and grateful they were – Wow! 

The BGP Motherhood Event 2024 was hosted in a Barn Studio in Gilbert. And the event was just as beautiful as you could imagine… Florals galore, pink lemonade, beautiful dresses, happy kids, a playlist with the best JJ Heller songs teed up, and good company. 🥰

We even had a bouquet bar for the kids to put together a bouquet for their mom, which was also a very big hit! 

As always, I could not have pulled this off without the BG Crew  – aka the whole Grondin Family! Besides helping me with all the behind-the-scenes event planning details, I loved having their help during the event! Mom led the bouquet bar & loved talking with everyone and Caitee was on check-in duty & filmed the most amazing video of the event! Stay tuned … it will be linked down below in a few days! Daniel was my right-hand man, and Dad was on greeter duty!

And that is truly just scratching the surface! I so enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with so many sweet families and moms! I left talking about just how sweet you all are and how seriously kind and gentle all of your kiddos were! 

And we got SO MANY precious photos! Enjoy scrolling through all the beautiful photos from the BGP Motherhood Event 2024!

And let me know in the comments if you would like me to host this again next year! 

P.S. If you’re feeling bummed you missed this event, then be sure to sign up for my newsletter below so you never miss hearing about another BGP Event again! And like I said earlier the BGP Back to School Portrait is next up on the calendar! 

Couldn’t Have Done it Without These Vendors

Venue | The Barn Studio

Florals | Array Designs

Rentals | Material Girls

Bummed You Missed this Event? Join the Email List!

If you’re feeling bummed you missed this event, then be sure to sign up for my newsletter below so you never miss hearing about another BGP Event again! And like I said earlier the BGP Back to School Portrait is next up on the calendar! 

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