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Argitopia Farm

July 28th, 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Back to School Portraits

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Let's start this school year off on the right foot with back to school portraits! Bring your kiddos (Ages pre-k to 12th Grade) for a quick photo of them dressed in their back to school outfit with their backpack on!


Kristin Thiel

"I absolutely adore our photos!! They are such treasures for our family that we will cherish for many years to come. We cannot wait until our next session with you!”

~ ellie & marco ~

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~ ellie & marco ~

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I remember when I was little going to the first day of school. I had my new outfit on, my backpack full of all my new notebooks, binders, and pens … not to mention all the first day jitters! Trying to find my new teacher, where the classroom was, and where do I stand in line to wait. Wait Mom, does class start with the first bell or the second?! Plus, my mom had to help my 3 other siblings answer all the same questions and many more. Adding in the first day of school photo was just about the final straw I’m sure. And quite the challenge at that… I’m sure it wasn’t easy to get all 4 of us to smile for a photo with so much happening all around us!

Until one year my mom wised up… The weekend before school started she would pack our backpacks and we would get all dressed up in the outfit we were planning on wearing on the First Day of school. No first day jitters. No commotion. No rushed timeline. Only excited kids to be going back to school and much better lighting! It was the best kept secret and now I’m sharing it with you!

I’m hoping this takes one thing off your plate on the First Day of school and gives you photos you’ll cherish for years to come! 

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