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It’s All in the Bridal Details, Darling!

The Bridal details are quite possibly one of the sweetest parts of a wedding day! My hope for my photos is that they would visually share your unique love story. This is done best by taking time to capture the little details.

Prepping for Bridal Details

My mom was sharing with me the other day on how her photographer didn’t capture her bridal details. My great grandmother had pinned a sweet little note inside of her clutch on the day of her wedding. It was a special moment shared just between the two of them. Unfortunately, overtime the note has been lost and what it said has faded from memory. 

I want to make sure that the full story of your wedding day is captured and remembered for my couples. Your mind is full already and it is easy to overlook the tiny details. The sweet little moments shouldn’t be forgotten. Here are my favorite tips for making sure everything is photographed and captured in a way that is shares your unique story.

The Importance of Shooting the Bridal Details

I just wanted to take a minute to fully explain the purpose behind why I love capturing bridal details! While it may seem like a less important part of the day, capturing bridal details serves so many purposes! 

Prepping for Bridal Details

1. When I begin a wedding day by capturing and styling bridal details, I use this shooting time as my warm-up for the rest of the day. I normally take these details away from the busy-ness of the bridal suite to start styling them! This allows me to have some time to get into the flow of shooting for the day! 

2. When capturing a wedding day, the little details that I capture serve as visual transition points in your story. Without these details, your album design, blog post and overall gallery can seem very busy and jumbled. 

3. In my experience, capturing bridal details allows me to get into the rhythm of seeing the day creatively with your style in mind! This time really sets the stage for the consistency of your entire wedding day. This part of my process often leads to enhancing the over- all look of the day because I have time to organize and style your details in an editorial and more high-end way! 

Schedule in the Time to Take Bridal Details

I like to plan in the timeline about an hour and a half to capture the details. This time includes shooting the getting ready photos of you and your bridesmaids getting your hair and make-up done, as well as shooting all the bridal details. 

And then about 30 minutes before the first look, I like to photograph you getting in your dress with all of your bridesmaids helping. I put this technically as a detail photo, but we also capture so many beautiful bridal portraits!! 

The Box of Details

I get it, the morning of your wedding is full and exciting! Everything is a whirl, so many emotions, thoughts, and still a bunch you need to coordinate, all while making sure to stay calm, cool, and collected.

I recommend putting all the small details in one box in advance. That way as soon as I arrive and right after I give you a ‘Yay!! Happy Wedding Day!’ Hug, all you need to do is hand me the box of pretty details, your shoes, and dress. 

It is common for brides to forget these little details. Now, not every bride will have ALL of these details, but here is a checklist to make sure you remember all the details you do have.

Prepping for Bridal Details


  • Dress
  • Rings (all 3 of them!)
  • Veils and Hairpieces
  • Shoes
  • Earrings and Other Pieces of Jewelry 
  • Keepsakes
  • Perfume
  • Invitation Suite
  • Bouquets & Bouts
  • Gifts
  • Notes
  • Purse/ Clutch
Prepping for Bridal Details


  • Tie or Bowtie
  • Boutonnière
  • Gifted Liquor
  • Shoes
  • Belt

Best Way to Tell the Visual Story of Your Wedding Day Even More

One of the main reasons and importance for capturing the bridal details is that it begins to tell the story of your wedding day so seamlessly. 

Like most photographers, I do have a styling kit with my own neutral colored ribbons, spools of thread, stamps, wax presses, etc. But I love and prefer to tell your own unique visual story and make sure it is consistent with the rest of the day!

Prepping for Bridal Details

My favorite tip for enhancing your detail photos is to include a few of your own accessories in the bridal details box. Things like extra blooms from the florist and any ribbons that match the theme of the day. This give me bunches of extra options and ways to even further customize your detail photos. 

Hopefully, this blog encourages you to make time for detail photos on your wedding day and that you can begin to see how they play such a beautiful and sweet role in your wedding gallery! Not only that but, feel free to take my checklist and use it for your wedding day to make sure not one little detail is forgotten!

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