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What Makes a Veil Fly?

Some of my favorite photos from a wedding day are the flying veil photos. It is so editorial and feels like a really beautiful piece of art that you are part of! And it seems to be most brides’ favorite photos too and one they really look forward to!

Flying veil shot of a newly married couple at the Raven Golf Course | What makes a veil fly?

So, as your wedding photographer, I feel that it’s my duty to let you know that not all veils have equal flying power! It’s true! So I’m sharing all the secrets to what makes a veil fly.

Some Veils Do Not Fly!

It’s actually very disappointing for a bride to realize on her wedding day that it’s impossible to capture the “flying veil” shot she always dreamed of because she selected a veil that has too much detail and is weighted down too much to fly! 

This week’s blog is extra short and sweet, but packed with very important tidbits you should know if you want those really gorgeous flying veil photos.

So, if a flying veil shot is very important to you, here are some tips for selecting a veil that can easily go airborne and is extra photogenic!: 

flying veil photo of a newly married couple at The Raven Golf Course

1. Avoid Heavy Beading 

It is best to avoid heavy beading and details that weighs down your veil. Although really beautiful, veils with beading drop too quickly and don’t really “fly.” This makes it very tricky to catch the photo.

2. One Layer is Best! 

Multiple layers of tulle can be hard to toss. It is best to have one long layer, to get that perfectly smooth, clean toss. 

What makes a veil fly | Bridal Portraits   at the Kiva Club

3. Off-White is Best 

Some veils can actually photograph “blue” if they are pure white and that is very hard to hide in editing! This is true for stark white dresses as well. Off-white, light ivories and creams are actually better for pictures! 

This will affect all of your photos, especially your detail photos. I use the veil in so many detail photos, you want to make sure that you choose one that is off-white. 

I always have my brides put together a box of all the details they would like photographed. You can read the full blog about it HERE, but one of the details is their veil. You can download the Bridal Details Checklist below to ensure you don’t forget a single thing!

Bridal Detail Checklist Free Guide

4. Fine Tulle Flies More Freely 

Stiff tulle is a little more rigid. If you choose a veil with a finer tulle, it will fly nicely and have a soft, gentle look in photos.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you when it comes to choosing a veil and that will not only look stunning in person, but also in all your photos!

Here’s to dreamy veil portraits!

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